Sunday, July 19, 2009

Excerpts from my recipe box.

Its 523 local time, like that matters, its all the same to me. blends into facebook blends into food channel and i feel hungry and horny. This is what I've become a digital wreck seeking some sort of release through status updates, naked flesh and a red snapper with a mango salsa. Viewing but never experiencing, updating but never living, salivating but never eating. Ideals are washed away with white russians with a chaser of remorse. Pathetic, i think so, but maybe its human. Maybe I'm not as special as i want to think i could be. Maybe I'm just like everyone else a huge waste of talent and creativity. Maybe that's the point, the lesson, the ever pounding mantra of modern life. You will never be what you think you can be. Its 530 local time, like that matters, its all the same to you. And, usually that's where i end reiterating my opening statement. I feel it drives the point across and is creative. I haven't grown since 7th grade english class. I'm a walking mess that i wish on no one. Yet silently i hope you all feel the same to give me a sense of normalcy. Is it normal for suicidal thoughts not faze you. Is it normal to watch a girl choke on a cock with being double penetrated. The whole time stroking your own cock hoping she was there sucking you off. Am i being too honest too raw. If so its the white russians talking. I am 100 percent disconnected from everything around me. I only write this... fuck i don't even know why. No one reads this blog that i created and nurtured and learned from. Its become a passing fad like tamagotchi? And so if you stumble upon this with you feel sympathy, empathy, or apathy. I don't know cuz i'm not sure what i feel. I've lived with this dead version of myself for so long i forget to be repulsed when I'm jerking it to a 25 man bukkake while Rachel ray cooks in the background. Sometimes thing get mixed up and my porn and food obsessions mix. Its a creamy Alfredo sauce that's being mixed in belladonna's throat while bobby flay services 14 inch cocks for a cream based puree for his flounder. Visually orgasmic recipes that leave you repulsed and retching unless your me then your horny and hungry.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


WTF happened to this blog?