Monday, May 23, 2011


Taking life in passively in thirty second bites
Leaves me hungry for more, more, more...
So I flip the remote with a glazed over stare
and what do I see but myself standing there
Mirrored reflection of my distorted perception
All these screens and windows are electronic deception
All i can do is look out and take in
Whens the last time I looked in and went out
Just then the screen blinks but I don't
Fixed stare over the glare of the blue light
Comes the buzzing of a thousand angry texts
Like real life insects they buzz and swarm
Whens the last time you saw real life insects buzz and swarm
Locked in your cage of constant communication
You've become an lonely island of isolation
Statuses and channels change but you don't. complacent


I'm recalling those crazy butterflies I used to get in high school when my assigned seat was next to the boy I thought the world revolved around. It's been since then that I've felt this way... until I met the man my world does revolve around Now, it's more intense, with a deep pining and a tingly amazing sensation between my legs. I can feel myself growing moist with desire. When his hand touches my thigh... that's when it starts. And then his warm hand brushes the hair away from my neck and I feel a rush of anticipation because I know what comes next... that's my weakness, kisses on my neck and the gentle way he sucks and nibbles my ear lobes. I can hardly keep myself from stripping myself and then him and ferociously making love to him... but the foreplay feels so good I make myself enjoy each and every kiss, every touch, the boner he has that is rubbing up against my stomach. I can't help but touch it through his jeans... and then I can't stand not feeling it in my hand and I go for his belt. I can do this with my eyes closed and one hand in one quick motion, belt, button, zipper... cock!!! He slides his hand up my shirt and squeezes my chest, taking my left tit out of my bra, pinching my hard nipple. His mouth moves down and begins to nibble and suck. I almost can't handle the urges I'm feeling. His other hand goes for my belt... buckle, button, zipper... fingers. He knows exactly where to go with his fingers... yet he teases me relentlessly until his hand is soaked from my dripping cunt. I pull his wet fingers to my mouth and suck each one. I love the way I taste. I stroke his cock, holding it firm. I need it in my mouth... I pull his jeans down and tease the tip of his dick with my tongue and lips slowly circling lower and lower around his shaft. With his balls in one hand and my other hand gripping the base of his dick I slip it into my mouth and slowly all the way to the back of my throat letting my spit pool on my hand I start to stroke him and move his cock in and out of my mouth in one motion. Each time he thrusts in a little harder always hitting my throat. With his hand on the back of my head he starts to really fuck my mouth and my eyes tear up, I love this. He pulls my head away by my hair to keep himself from coming.
He pulls me on top of him and tears my shirt off, then my bra. He grabs both breasts in his hands. Squeezing and sucking. I play with his cock until he throws me on my back and pulls my jeans all the way off. He kisses my mouth my neck my chest down my stomach and across my thigh. Tickling my clit with his tongue, I squirm, all I can think about is his huge cock inside me. I want it now. He burries his tongue inside me. Back to my clit I feel him slide fingers inside and go right for the spot, I'm shaking... creaming all over. I pull him up on top of me kiss him and taste myself on his lips and tongue while I wrap my legs around his waiste and pull him close. I feel the tip of his dick touching my clit. He grabs his cock and slaps my clit with the tip. I am dying to feel him inside me, pulling him closer and wrapping my legs tighter so he has no choice but to give it to me. Slowly I feel the tip of his dick move down towards my cunt and then with the most powerful thrust I feel his huge dick all the way inside of me and I immediately orgasm. I feel him moving in and out even faster.
He slows down a little and brushes my hair out of my face. Looking into my eyes, he smiles and kisses me on the lips, 3 little pecks, the way he does all the time, and I kiss him back, letting my lips linger on his. I feel a wave of heat come over me and my heart feels like it could burst. This is the first time sex and emotions have ever happened simultaneously for me. It's a good feeling, almost as good as his huge cock pounding me.