Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This... Is... JEOPARDY

I've always been somewhat of an "intellect." Not because I'm necessarily intelligent or smart-but because I've always enjoyed learning. Whether it was learning at school, learning through reading, or learning through observing; it has always been a pleasure of mine. It's only natural that I'm a trivia nut. Trivial Pursuit? Sign me up. Trivia night? I'm there. Any sort of game that's Q&A facts has my name written ALL OVER IT. Naturally, I'm a Jeopardy Junkie... and it's been a dream of mine to be on the show for a while now. So this year... I decided I'd register for the online test, and tonight's the night!! I'm excited-but also being very rational about it. I know that I may be very unlucky with the categories and questions. I know that 15 seconds to answer a question which may require a bit of memory recall is going to be rough, and I also realize that there are THOUSANDS of others that are also taking the test-and that even if by a miracle I did extremely well on the test, I may not get a call for an in-person interview due to how many people are trying to get on the show. You figure... 5 shows a week... 3 contestents per show (but only 2 NEW since one is a returning winner)... in a year-there are only ROUGHLY 500 contestents. My chances of getting on the show are so slim it's depressing. But it hasn't lessened my excitement to participate in the online test!!! So... here goes nothin!!! Perhaps I'll be one of the very lucky 500. Some one has to win, right????