Thursday, May 21, 2009

pocket full of posies

I've spent some time considering the ways of life... here's what I've come to----->

It's much like the ocean: life is vast, deep, full of beauty, terror, and much unknown: all waiting to be washed up on our shores for us to sort through.
Life is what you make of it. An ugly oyster harbors a precious pearl if you have the patience and forbearance to ascertain it.

When given the opportunity to take a situation and turn it into a learning experience and better yet, a positive outcome, can I stand up to the challenge? Here's where I'm lacking: this is all much easier verbalized than exercised.

When you've walked the beach to the tip, and both tides meet and collide and crash with such formidable force, how many pearls will you have? How many beatiful shells, perfectly rounded stones, and meticulous sand dollars will you have collected?
Or will you have an onerous abundance of jagged rocks, broken shells, and fetid seaweed burdening your weary life-worn body?

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