Monday, November 30, 2009

Has Christmas lost its Magic?

It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving and my family has gone to get a tree. I'm sitting here thinking: wasn't it just summer? When did November happen? And now, all of the sudden, it's Christmas season. My mother literally took down all of the fake leaves and plastic turkey decorations and on the SAME DAY put up the christmas decorations! How did this happen? It's almost as if we go through the motions to conform to society's demands. I've always wondered what would happen if one year I just didn't put up any decorations. Or if I put up different decorations instead. Aka pink flamingos and neon and a Miami-themed Christmas. I would be shunned by my family. Remember as a kid, Christmas held all of the magic a year could bring? I feel like I hit puberty and that was it. Gone. Will it come back once I have my own family and my own kids? I sincerely hope so. Is it wrong of me to want the magic back? Or do I have to grow up and face the realities of the real world? My parents have come back with an 8 foot tree. The ceiling (at its highest point) is 14 feet. This Christmas is already shaping up to be a disaster; with a miniature tree in a house built for a large one. I feel like Charlie Brown already. They should have brought back the saddest tree they could find. At least then I would have felt better about saving the saddest one. Why didn't you bring back a Real Tree? Something Huge and Awesome to look forward to decorating? Live a little!! Bring the magic back!! We have an 8 ft. tree that is dwarfed by a high ceiling. Christmas is officially dead to me this year and it hasn't even started. Hell, it's not even December yet!! I will never understand. Why not go big or go home? It IS Christmas for all intents and purposes. Do you stop caring after your kids graduate from highschool? Or are the kids supposed to stop caring as well? I just don't get it.


willowchronicles said...

Christmas is so overrated

willowchronicles said...

I specifically remember the moment Christmas lost its magic. I think I was about 12 and the though of having to wake up early overwhelmed me more than the fact that i was getting/giving presents. I remember kind of brushing it off, ignoring it, hoping it would go away.But, it didn't it was an acute feeling it was a chronic realization. A realization that i was older, that i was no longer naive and somehow no longer able to be charmed and delighted by simple things. My diet had changed from simple belief and joy to a steady intake of narcissism and cool detachment. This went on for about 5 to 6 years. I didnt enjoy it at much but it was still fun and served its purpose. This phase ended in my early 20's when i actually had to start buying presents for everyone. Not just my family but for co-workers and friends. This is when Christmas became a headache. The malls, the lists, the exclusion the inclusion, the being broke, the commercialism all of it was just too much. I despise Christmas because like valentines day its becomes a day of gift giving that has no heart behind it. I hope that maybe when you have your own children and they cant sleep the night before that some of the magic reappears like Santa coming down the chimney.