Sunday, April 25, 2010


Willow was girl with less then perfect vision. She saw every human for only the inherent good in them, even if there was very little. She was so confused and fell in love with moments and mistook it for falling in love with the people involved in that moment. People who know Willow would say she's smart...but Willow is a little silly.

On this particular day, Willow brought her camera. She brought it all the way to the top of the mountain. It was a beautiful day. She felt like she was on top of the world. Willow took pictures of everything. The branches, the ground, him, his shoes. She wanted to stay in this moment forever.

Willow met him in New York on a beautiful day. There were miles and states between them. Willow took an Amtrak train to Philadelphia to see him. It was a perfect weekend. The unknown surrounded her and he took the wheel and showed her everything. When Willow left, they held each other for several minutes in the train station. She could have left everything behind and stayed forever. She wanted to stay in the moment forever.

Willow went on vacation. Together he and Willow drove 13 hours down the coast. Beautiful water, beautiful sands. It was a cold day so they sat on the beach in their jackets. She took a lot of pictures. They wrestled in the sand and played frisbee. He drew their names in the sand. She wanted to stay in this moment forever.

It was Willow's birthday and they took a train into New York for the day. He's showed her New York from a thousand feet in the sky. He was deathly afraid of heights, but did it anyways, just for her. She thought for sure this was it. The was the moment. She wanted to stay in this moment forever.


stephanie said...

she'd miss out on a lot of other unmissable moments though...

willowchronicles said...