Monday, May 23, 2011


Taking life in passively in thirty second bites
Leaves me hungry for more, more, more...
So I flip the remote with a glazed over stare
and what do I see but myself standing there
Mirrored reflection of my distorted perception
All these screens and windows are electronic deception
All i can do is look out and take in
Whens the last time I looked in and went out
Just then the screen blinks but I don't
Fixed stare over the glare of the blue light
Comes the buzzing of a thousand angry texts
Like real life insects they buzz and swarm
Whens the last time you saw real life insects buzz and swarm
Locked in your cage of constant communication
You've become an lonely island of isolation
Statuses and channels change but you don't. complacent


willowchronicles said...

Great work...
It's so sad how this resonates for me. My life revolves around my cell phone and laptop.
Wtf happened to a cup of coffee and conversation?
I miss humanity. We're all just shells now. Living vicariously through fb updates trying to make our lives LOOK interesting instead of living them and actually creating experiences to remember.

Farjana said...

you're brilliant.