Monday, December 8, 2008

Why? and other questions.

Why do little things bother me so much. People stress me out and they don't even know it. I hate stupid people they get under my skin. I can only hope that i get under their skin. But i doubt it. I think they are totally oblivious to anything. Why do they exist. I'm almost egotistical enough to beleive they only exist in my world to annoy me. Do they have lifes after they are out of mine. Im sure when they leave my life they're simply annoying you. Now, another question what is your bigggest fear. I realized it isn't being alone its more than that. I'm afraid of not being accepted or loved. I could be surrounded by people but not be accepted or loved. I'm not sure if i love myself or accept myself so that's probably a problem. I'm afraid to be vunerable but not as afraid to not be accepted or loved. What's your biggest fear?


willowchronicles said...

that i'll always settle for less than I deserve

willowchronicles said...

Failure is my biggest fear.