Monday, June 6, 2011

Now was all we had

I think of you on the brightest of days
And a smile creeps across my face
Remembering how the sun used to play
With the wild strands of your hair as we lay
Awake dreaming in a moment we both knew would end
Far too soon for either of us to comprehend
We enjoyed each moment for what it was
Possibility wasn't in the future neither was
Anticipation all was immediate, all was now
For now was all we would ever have
And had we did, so each moment was preciously wrapped in
An all consuming appreciation for the present BE
BE was all that we knew and it was better
Than I thought it could BE

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Lexy Blue said...

Were do you come up with this. I have some competition. P.S. I'm new.
-Lexy Blue mood:Shocked :0