Saturday, January 31, 2009


My life is a stage only no one's watching. Which is horrible because one of my faults is thriving on attention. Sometimes I pretend its a sitcom and I have my own audience that I cater to. And I think: well, maybe someone somewhere is going through exactly what I'm going through at this moment and that makes it ok. But in the end- who really cares? I'm not living life I'm only walking in it for someone else. Everyone tries to fit into some cookie cutter type of lifestyle in some small way; meanwhile they're screaming inside because they're not happy. And so I urge you all to take a first step and not fall into the motions- go outside the box. Do something different than your daily routine. I used to love falling asleep in squares of sunlight coming in through the window. Back when I had 5 minutes to myself. I haven't done that in years. Maybe its time.

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willowchronicles said...

Acceptance- I loved this piece. It was so true but simply knowing that someone feels the same way just means your both miserable. Acknowldegment is not enough, it takes action to cahnge things. We all must face the box we've created around our lives and breakthrough it. I dont want to be happy becasue i should be and have to constantly be convincing myself that i am happy. Today i will make myself happy and live for me. Keep posting.