Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ladies Room

Set up the scene.
It's 8:15 date March 5th 2009.
Celebrating 3 years of our Life.
If you look down you'll see a stone sitting perfectly
on my left ring finger making it official.
Check comes, I excuse myself to freshen up.
Once we hit the road won't be much time
til we're locked up in the room.
Staring at my reflection, through my diamonds light,
thanking my lucky stars for the man by my side.
Startled because when I open the door I step into a world of silent cries,
21 year old female tears running down this young girls face,
and what appears to be a mark across her cheek.
Walk into the stall grab a couple squares hand them to her.
Being a female you grow up knowing
the Ladies room is refuge to whatever goes wrong outside that door.

"Are you alright?"

Embarrassed by her appearance,
she takes the squares, and cleans up her smeared make up.
No words exchanged, so I turn my back to walk away.

"You know it wasn't always this way."

As she stares at her reflection in the bathroom mirror,
I turn around.

"He use to be real sweet. Bought me things, showed me places that I had never seen. Told me I was everything he could ever need."

The room went silent.
As she composed her emotions,
she turned and looked me straight in the eyes.

"I understand the life he leads to provide for me. Living in the city you know it's hard to make ends meet. So I promised I'd hold him down while he stepped out, til I heard word on the street he was creepin' behind the scenes. Confronted him tonight, that's where this mark across my face comes into play."

I put my hand on her shoulder,

"Honey you shouldn't put up with that, no man should ever lay a hand on a woman, just to prove his strength. Come on now you have to be stronger, smarter then that?"

"I don't need your pity."

She snapped, moved her shoulder, and stepped back,
raised in the hood you have to project a certain persona
if you expect to survive.

"You know I seen you and your man from across the room. Smiling, laughing, you can tell he's in love with you, that he lives the right kind of life. You two probably live in the suburbs, so what would you possibly know about strife? If I leave him I go back to the projects, back to working for minimum pay everyday. I'll never break away from the ghetto that way. I'm 21 years old no High School Diploma, he took me off the streets. Laced me in designer things, nothing but Louie, Gucci, and Prada touch my back. Every morning I get to choose between the Benz or the Rova."

"So you'd put a price on your worth?"

As I walked towards the door to make an exit,
I stopped long enough to look at her in disappointment.

"I may not live in the ghetto, but where I live definitely isn't the suburbs. And ya my man does live the right kind of life. He was in the military 4 years served his country proudly, and provides for me fully. Growing up was no joke, and home was the last place I wanted to be. But this has nothing to do with the type of life he lives, or the type of past I have. Cause if he ever laid one hand on me, or disrespected my worth, my bags would be packed and Id be out the door. No words could forgive any mark he'd leave on me. You see I respect myself much more than to ever put myself through that. So when you sit here and give me your story, sorry if I show no pity cause it looks like you know the type of life you're living by continuing this relationship. So if you don't value your life enough to walk away, then basically your life's a waste, and you deserve anything that comes your way. Before I met my man I was working 2 jobs, going to school full time. Living just fine without him by my side. He enhances my life, and his love enhances me, but if need be I'd have no problem leaving."

I opened the door, and walk out of the Ladies room,
and see my husband standing tall,

"Babe what took so long?"

"I don't want to talk about it. Can we just go?"

He put his arms around me, and begin to leave.
I see the stranger walk up to her man,
from the corner of my eye.

"What the fuck were you doing in there? Watch when we get home,"

As he grabbed her arm, and tossed her like a rag doll.
She looked at me, and all I could do
was shake my head.
She put her head down,
and we all walked away...

Next day my husband and me wake up real late,
night of love making to blame.
Sitting at the table he's reading the paper,

"Babe remember the restaurant we were at last night?"

I look up as he says,

"An unidentified 21 year old female was shot in the parking lot. Apparently the boyfriend and her were fighting. Witnesses say she was trying to walk away, when ol' boy put three in her chest, fled the scene, and left her to bleed, ambulance came but said they were too late, the girl was pronounced dead on the scene. Tragic don't you think?"

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willowchronicles said...

wow intense... i want to do more stories and yours had great meaning to it.