Monday, September 7, 2009


Back and Forth
We sway like
The undersides of trees
When you know a storm
Is coming. Soon
Back and Forth
We play this game
Two fighters making ready
Circling before the first
Move is made
It's so easy being
With you. Alone.
Gathering clouds and wind
Picks up. I can feel it
There in my soul.
My body burns to have you.
Blood and water mix.
Flames seem so easy to
Quench when you are here
And yet. And yet.
Hold back and fear takes
What little I have left
After the storm that is
Take me and leave me wanting.
Please. Stop.
Ease this or let it go.
Fulfillment or release
Needs to end one way or another.
It's so easy being
With You. Alone.

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