Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deep connection

I had one of those very rare moments of human connection. I met a person who i knew as an acquaintance and we started talking. That conversation turned into 5 hours and it was amazing. It was funny cuz we both recognized the fact of how rare it is for two men to let down there guard and really connect. But that's what happened it was real and raw. I feel blessed to be in the generation I'm in where people of different races and backgrounds don't have to be confined to their past and what they did. They can be accepted and appreciated for the person they are now. On another note i think i want to try stand up. Im being serious some of the most genuinely hilarious thoughts hit me i crack myself up all the time. I don't know how well it would translate to other people because its hard to explain. Like for instance here is one bit that i came up with tonight i don't know if its just me that fonds it funny. It has to do with racism and stereotypes. I love having a black friend that allows me say nigger around him. It makes me feel special like thanks dude for letting me use this totally amazing and fun word. And it also makes other white people jealous and nervous. They get jealous because they know they cant say it and it also proves to them that i am not racist because i can say it and my black friend doesn't get mad. I know deep down they want to try it but are afraid that he will get mad and kill them. Which he would because we cant have a bunch of white people going around saying nigger. I mean then it would be just a word. See that's funny to me i dont know how well it translates. Let me know please pass the paparika and ....

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