Sunday, November 2, 2008


Will you haunt me forever this thing that i lost. How much longer will you sit in the corner of mind mocking everytime i try to rewind. These thoughts laugh at me constantly. Just when ive had enough you change your tune just in time to change my mood. Im locked in my past stuck fast to a memory. I wish you didnt die without me. I wish you couldnt live without me cuz i dont have the ability to be transparent. I wish i was the ghost in your corner destroying the things that will harm you. Let me be the hero youll never know. Please let me be anything in your life anything but what i am now. Anything but the tormented soul youve made me into. Allow me to live or allow me to die. I ask permission but why. You are just the present spirit of the past. How can you grant anything to me. How can you make what i feel null and void. When did love become deaf and dumb. When did mistakes have consequences love covers all. If so then your heart is all over my coveralls. Im numb to what i thought was gone I turn deaf when i hear our song. I am a ghost.

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