Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello Stranger

Hello stranger with the dark hair and boyish good looks. Would you like to run away with me and get married? I think you can make me really happy. The way you read that newspaper shows your an intellectual. Your gaged ears say your artistic and your business casual attire says you've got goals. I like where this is going. I'm in love with you already and I don't even know what your voice sounds like. Your eyes tell me what you think of me. In your head you think "she's hurt. maybe she was abused at some point, but she fought through it,she's a fighter. Her eyes are amazing, I cant look away. Look how she takes care of everyone. She'll make a great mother. Let's run away and get married."


willowchronicles said...

I'm sorry to criticize...
Gaged ears aren't artistic.
That line annoyed the piss out of me.

willowchronicles said...

you're entitled to criticize.