Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last lullaby

This is my last lullaby written in memory of you
And my dreams of let it be true for me to say to you I do
I do choose to remember the good over the bad
The happy over the sad and the sappy over the mad
Its over but whos glad no need for a pinch this truth stabs
Deep i think i need sleep but i think so i dont sleep
Its like you bein hungry but you wont eat
What id do for a piece of that meat
Comeon one last toss in the sheets to respark the heat
Is it still fucking if your weak at the knees
And its from a kiss on the cheek
I miss the feeling of peace cuz im feeling in pieces
Nothins concrete but that doesnt stop me
From giving you my heart one piece at a time
Ah the feelings sublime the meanings divine
When your presents spent rewinding the time
Hopping in and out of these stories of ours
The glorys so far away its faded
When did we wake up so jaded
Its not your fault that this adam tasted
Cuz i followed you in to this hole like a free throw
Follow through please not you you feel hollow too
Well here swallow two but that wont do
Cuz i fell for love like swallows do
From high up above the beginning of love.
Your funeral dirge is next

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