Saturday, April 25, 2009


Everytime I read the thoughts posted here I want to congratulate someone on a job well done and can't because I don't know who has written what. I like it that way. I like remaining anonymous and at the same time not knowing who you all are. Because on some level we're all connected by our writing here and it gives you a sense of escapism and overall well-being to know you're not alone. I'm on here everyday because I need a little bit of the world to be mine in anonymity.


willowchronicles said...

Anonymity allows for honesty. Also you can congratulate people because the people on here are all like you thats why willowchronicles was created. I dont want to get all hippie on it but we are equal and basically the same. Im taking when you want to congratulate someone it is because they spoke to you or vocalized something you think. Therefore they are you.

willowchronicles said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I got lost for a minute from the willowchronicle family, but in a strange way I thought about this site a lot. You all have inspired me to once again pursue my first love, which has always been writing. Thank you to you all.