Tuesday, August 18, 2009


nothing beats it
the rush, the lights, the people screaming your name as you walk onto stage
part of me was born to be a rock star
i even play the part with crazy rings and too much dark eye makeup
and i love it
when the fans sing your lyrics that you spent hours
agonizing over
in the basement with electric glowing lamps and reverb
and the smell of pot permeates the vibrations of the bass
i almost want to pick up smoking to complete the image
someone pass me a clove
and give me the mic
so i can try my best to sound like susan tedeschi
downing shots of honey to coat my throat so i can hit all the right notes
feels so good to lean on my guitarist as he plays and i sing
its a lifestyle i never want to lose
the fans make it. but you make it your own.

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