Thursday, February 5, 2009

girl i just wanted to show
the way you make my soul flow
til it feels like it drips
from my fingers and toes

hands and lips become pairs
with our eyes fixed in stares
and then they close
laying dark to our cares

and when we meet at the chest
we'll feel the beat in our breast
and how it grows louder
the closer we get

we'll give all to each other
and never no less
together we'll flow
in this state of carelessness


willowchronicles said...

boy i just wanted to show
the way you make my heart soar
to a place where its whole

willowchronicles said...

but this ride's broken
and you dont have a token
i wish i didn't know you
could fix this
and your pockets have no limits

willowchronicles said...
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willowchronicles said...

so it seems pointless
to reminisce of the sweet bliss
found within our kiss