Friday, February 6, 2009


When you took from me the one sacred thing I should have been able to give away, you took so much more.
What should have been an exciting and wonderful moment in my life to look forward to, you made a painful, revolting memory that I wish I could erase.
It sounds so cliche to say that you stole my innocence... but that's exactly what happened. My girlish happy spirit was taken, and it left me a cold and indifferent, shattered soul that I was responsible for piecing back together.
When you should have been protecting me from the same evils, you were instead inflicting the worst imaginable, scarring, life-altering pain.
All I have to say is thank you for making me the strong person I am today. I can turn the other cheek... but YOU have to sleep with this guilt on your shoulders until the day you die. And I hope that it's at least half as painful as what I've endured, because you deserve it.
Some day, when you may have a little girl of your own, I pray that it pierces your heart to see what you ruined in another human being, and I pray she never fall victim to such injustice.


willowchronicles said...

wow goosebumps. I pray that someday justice is served.

willowchronicles said...

Seeing strength in your words gives me hope, of dealing with my injustice. Like the comment before I pray that your justice is served.