Thursday, February 5, 2009

You've moved on or so You say
but My heart won't let You get away
or forget the pain
But I choose to remember the way
You smiled on that warm summer day
and all the love We made
back when You were my maid marion and I was
Your prince[insert name]
but since those days how many memories
have We gave away
chasing flames that didn't exist
We missed
the fire that exists in Our kiss
hoping to find in another what We simply missed
in each other
We became stuck like some beached lovers
seeking heat underneath strange covers
We were left cold dreaming of each other
this thought alone connecting Us past the bullshit of reality
almost as if LOVE actually is better than LOVE
because Ours wasn't built in a factory
long ago we lost the warranty, no guarantee
this love is patched up, homemade and
it was thrown away, cold, rediscovered and
and now its the cause to make My heart
even if its only a moment I cherish it because
that moment's golden
and I can't promise what tomorrow brings
just that I'll LOVE You till tomorrows cease.

1 comment:

willowchronicles said...

"hoping to find in another what We simply missed in each other"

It amazes me how people can put into words what I'm trying to say. Great song by the way.