Tuesday, February 17, 2009

time waster, mind eraser

He mind raped me in ways I never thought possible. Your lies linger in the echos of my thoughts and I can't sleep. I feel sick, overwhelmed, weak. How do I recover from this manipulation? I gave her everything she needed to be strong and walk away, but it seems as though she took his bait again.  Months of nothing but secrets and lies and double lives. How does one person keep track of all the different stories? We laid in bed to go to sleep and he kissed the back of my head and held me close and said "Goodnight my baby".  then he got up in the morning and went to their new house to shower before work. Is this a lifetime movie? It can't be real, it didn't happen to me....

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willowchronicles said...

i'd give anything to hold you
wish between us wasnt so far
because if you'd open up your chest
i'd never stop kissing your scars